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Yuyao Boda Electrical Appliances Co.,Ltd is China Faucet For Bottle manufacturers and Faucet For Bottle factory. We are the recommended company for drinking water equipment accessories. Its main products include plastic faucet,coffee faucet,copper faucet,usb pump,Faucet filter,electric pump,battery pump and so on. The company has been focusing on the development and production of drinking water equipment accessories and plastic products for many years.The company has a research and development center with strong development strength. It provides equipment and technical support for more than 1,000 well-known production (Drinking water equipment) enterprises at home and abroad, and maintains long-term partnership. We also ODM/OEM Faucet For Bottle.
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Industry knowledge

Benefits of Pure Drinking Bottled Support with Screw Tap Faucet:

Convenience: The Pure Drinking Bottled Support with Screw Tap Faucet allows for easy access to clean drinking water from a 5-gallon water bottle, which can be easily replaced when empty.
Space-saving: The compact design of the Pure Drinking Bottled Support with Screw Tap Faucet makes it a great option for small spaces, such as apartments or offices.
Affordability: Compared to other water dispensers, the Pure Drinking Bottled Support with Screw Tap Faucet is an affordable option that provides clean drinking water without the need for complicated filtration systems.

Installation and Setup:

To install the Pure Drinking Bottled Support with Screw Tap Faucet, you will need to attach the screw tap faucet to the water bottle and then place the bottle onto the support stand.
Once the water bottle is securely in place, connect the water dispenser to the bottle by inserting the suction tube into the opening on the top of the water bottle.
Finally, plug in the power cord and switch on the dispenser.

Maintenance Requirements:

It is recommended to clean the Pure Drinking Bottled Support with Screw Tap Faucet regularly, especially the screw tap faucet, suction tube, and drip tray. This can be done by wiping them down with a damp cloth and mild soap.
The water bottle should also be cleaned periodically to prevent bacterial growth.
The frequency of cleaning and maintenance will depend on usage and environmental factors, but it is recommended to clean the dispenser at least once a month.